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This page contains links to external resources that may be of interest to SABA-DC members.  Send suggestions and requests to post to sabadccommunications@gmail.com.  SABA-DC is a nonpartisan organization and will not link to partisan material.


Resource: DC Court of Appeals Appellate Mediation Program

Only counseled civil, family and probate cases on appeal from the Superior Court, the Office of Administrative Hearings and D.C. administrative agencies, boards and commissions will be eligible for mediation.  Civil cases that will be excluded from the program are cases involving attorney licensing and the unauthorized practice of law, juvenile offenses, domestic violence, child abuse and neglect, termination of parental rights, adoption and the guardianship of minors.

In those cases that are eligible for mediation, the appellant’s duty to order the transcript within 10 days for filing the notice of appeal will be stayed until notified by the court that the stay is lifted because the case is not appropriate for mediation or the case did not settle in mediation. 

Cases will be selected for mediation by Mediation Program staff.  Staff will review the appellate court file and may consult with counsel before deciding to schedule a case for mediation.

Participation in mediation in selected cases will be mandatory for all parties and counsel.  Counsel will be responsible for securing the participation of non-parties with settlement authority.  In appropriate cases, the Mediation Program Coordinator may excuse a party from participating in the mediation sessions in person. 

If a case is selected for mediation, staff will identify a mediator based upon the mediator’s expertise and the circumstances of the individual case.   Once staff has confirmed the mediator’s availability and the absence of any conflicts of interest, staff will issue a mediation order and send an electronic copy of the case file to the mediator. 

Counsel will be required to provide a Confidential Mediation Statement to the mediator and Mediation Program Coordinator within 15 days of the date of the order for mediation. 

The mediator will expected to conduct a pre-mediation phone call with counsel, individually or as a conference call, to discuss scheduling matters and to learn more about the nature of the dispute.  The initial mediation session should be scheduled within 30 days of the submission of the Confidential Mediation Statement and will be held at the Mediation Program offices at 510 4th St. N.W., Washington, D.C. 20001.  The mediator will have the flexibility to schedule subsequent sessions at another location.  The length of each session will be determined by the mediator. 

Once the mediation process has concluded, the participants will be asked to complete a quality assurance survey to provide information to staff about their satisfaction with the process.  The mediator will be required to complete a Mediator Report that will describe the outcome of the mediation and alert staff to any issues that need to be followed up. 

For more information about the Mediation Program, please contact the Mediation Program Coordinator, Scottie Reid, at 202-879-9936 or areid@dcappeals.gov


Resource: Practising Law Institute Webinar

Challenging Immigration Detention with Habeas Petitions – A Basic Overview


Topics addressed include: 

  • Nuts and bolts of filing a motion for temporary restraining order
  • Legal standard for TROs
  • Nuts and bolts for filing a petition for writ of habeas corpus
  • Common legal claims for habeas petitions      


Resource: Dulles Justice Coalition

The Dulles Justice Coalition is a nonpartisan alliance of legal non-profits, law firms and private individuals, working to assist detainees at Dulles Airport as a result of the recent executive actions on immigration.

The Coalition has volunteer opportunities ranging from online to on the ground at Dulles, and tasks suitable for attorneys and non-attorneys ranging from greeting travelers, managing data entry, drafting talking points and press releases, to legal research. 

If you can help out, fill out the volunteer form and indicate your availability for morning, afternoon, evening, or night and preference for weekend or weekday(s) that work for you.  Please mention “SABA-DC” at the end of the form.  The Coalition will respond to you with an assignment and details.  https://www.dullesjustice.org/

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