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Statements of  Purpose from Candidates for  SABA-DC 2024 Board of Directors

Statements will be posted as they are received. 


  • Avani Uppalapati

    My name is Avani Uppalapati and I am running for President-Elect of SABA-DC. Being part of SABA-DC has been one of the most enriching experiences of my career and after a one-year hiatus from the Board, I now hope to give back to the community as much as it has given to me. As President-Elect I aim to build on the robust relationships and impact we already have, while introducing new initiatives.

    Serving on the SABA-DC Board for two years as Secretary and Vice-President of Programming gave me a birds-eye view of the workings of our organization. As part of various committees, I took pride in the initiatives we supported. This included drafting the inaugural application for the Racial Justice Grant with fellow board members, empowering talented law students through our Public Interest Fellowship, and benefitting personally from our mentorship program, as both a mentee and a mentor. On the Women’s Committee, I helped organize an array of panels and social programming to support our members and build relationships with local South Asian owned businesses. Working on the Gala Awards Committee, I felt grateful to be part of a platform that highlights and supports the excellence in our community. An unexpected and fun measure was bringing bhangra performances to Gala (in which I danced one year due to a shortage of performers. What can I say, I was committed to the vision.). 

    As President-Elect I will focus on the following initiatives:

      • Strengthen our professional development efforts, providing attorneys at all levels with the necessary skills, resources, and opportunities to excel and become leaders in their respective fields. We need to support our members with trainings and workshops that allow them to grow as businesspeople and community leaders, skills that are not often taught throughout our careers.
      • Organize programming highlighting a variety of career paths, to help members understand the diverse ways their background and experience can be utilized.
      • Increase pro bono efforts aimed at the larger South Asian community.
      • Enhance the active participation in SABA-DC of members at all stages of their career, by fostering an environment conducive to networking, mentorship, and collaboration.

      Additionally, it is crucial that SABA-DC evolves to meet the changing needs of our community. I will strive to innovate our programs and services, ensuring they are relevant and beneficial to our members – including balancing online and in-person programming and hosting events in the larger DMV area.

      Taking on this role is about serving our members, our profession, and our community. If elected, I promise to dedicate myself to this service, listen to your needs, and work diligently to address them. Thank you for your consideration.

      Vice President of Membership

      • Khatija M. Choudhry

      My name is Khatija Choudhry, and it is with great enthusiasm that I share my journey and achievements as I seek re-election for the position of Vice President of Membership on the 2024 SABA-DC Board of Directors. Over the past year, I have had the privilege of serving as the Vice President of Membership within our dynamic community, and I am eager to continue my contribution to our mission of fostering the South Asian legal community.

      During my tenure as VP of Membership, we have witnessed growth in our membership levels, a testament to our unwavering commitment to inclusivity and the value our organization provides to our members. I take pride in being a part of this expansion and remain dedicated to ensuring that every member's voice is not only heard but also cherished, and their unique needs met.

      One of my most rewarding accomplishments has been the successful operation of our mentorship program. Through concerted efforts and collaboration with our exceptional mentors and mentees, we have cultivated an environment of professional growth, guidance, and support. The program's success has been a source of pride for our organization, and I am committed to building on this foundation to make it even more enriching for our members.

      In addition to driving membership growth and the success of the mentorship program, I have had the privilege of curating meaningful events that have enriched our community and fortified our connections. I firmly believe that these events play a pivotal role in nurturing the bonds that make SABA-DC truly special.

      My experiences have underscored the importance of recognizing the intersectionality of our personal identities. If re-elected as Vice President of Membership for SABA-DC, I intend to further emphasize these intersectionalities within our community and collaborate with other bar associations in the DC area to host programs that deeply resonate with our diverse membership.

      I am profoundly committed to nurturing a sense of belonging and unity within our community. As I humbly seek your support for the role of Vice President of Membership, I look forward to engaging even more closely with each of you and continuing to contribute to the growth of SABA-DC.

      Khatija Choudhry

      Vice President of Programming

      • Anupma Sahay

      Dear SABA-DC,

      I, Anupma Sahay, currently serve as Secretary and a member of the IP Section and Communications Committee for SABA-DC. It would be my privilege to join the 2024 Board as VP of Programming to continue supporting SABA-DC with building and executing our programming goals.

      This year, I have had the opportunity to work with the entire 2023 Board on many of our programs. As part of the IP Section, I spearheaded a welcome happy hour that brought our section together to reconnect. I also helped plan our substantive panel by organizing the outline and interfacing with our hosts to create a successful event. Many graphics you may have seen this year are ones I curated to best highlight each individual event for our various sections and committees.

      As a patent attorney in the software and mechanical arts, I strive to be a diverse voice. I have learned that our presence alone can be a breakthrough for a colleague, and South Asian Americans in the legal field can build pathways for all diverse attorneys. My personal goals align with the mission of SABA to promote inclusion in the legal field and our larger community. Outside of SABA-DC, I represent the Reed Smith DC office as our AAPI affinity group liaison and plan internal events to foster community. My firm is a leader in diversity and inclusion, and I have learned many tools from our firm trainings and affinity groups. Outside of practice, I work with patent diversity pipeline organizations to increase diversity in the patent field. I also write arts and events features for the Washington City Paper’s City Lights section, through which I strive to platform local artists and venues to continue centering our community.

      On the 2024 SABA-DC Board, I will propose diverse programming that is inclusive to all in our bar and further leadership training, collaboration, and mentorship opportunities, including connecting with practitioners in similar practice areas, discussing career goals, and partnering cross-chapter. I also will continue to craft unique graphics for each event, and create social and substantive programming for the IP section to build on our successful 2023 year. I would be excited to contribute these ideas and experiences as a 2024 SABA-DC Board member.

      Vice President of Communications

      • Anand Shah

      I am running to be SABA-DC’s next VP of Communications and I am especially excited by the prospect after serving as a General Director this past year, including as Co-Chair of the revitalized In-House Counsel Committee.

      With over a decade of in-house, government, and law firm experience, I have seen how SABA-DC has evolved to serve its members – from events promoting professional growth to public interest fellowships and the mentorship program. I’d like to enhance the communications experience, for both newly minted attorneys and seasoned practitioners alike, with added benefits and targeted programming, based on career progression and interests. Building off of 2023’s successes, I will work closely with the Board to expand our communications and marketing reach within the broader DC legal community such as through collaborations with other bar associations and law schools, as well as across social platforms. My aim for 2024 is to regularly recognize our community and South Asian excellence through spotlights. I believe that celebrating our members and fostering inclusion, while also highlighting our events, will not only better meet members’ needs, but will also strengthen SABA-DC's impact.

      My career has benefitted immensely from SABA-DC’s support, mentors, and programming – something I wish to pay forward. I am confident that I have the skills, vision, and experience to deliver as your new VP of Communications. Thank you for your consideration.

      Co-Vice Presidents of Gala

      • Vishnu Tirumala

      Dear SABA DC community,

      My name is Vishnu Tirumala and I would like to be your next Vice President of Gala. SABA’s Public Interest and Racial Justice Benefit Gala is our organization’s premier annual event. It is an opportunity for our community to reconnect, to celebrate the achievements of our members, and to give back to DC. It is also a way to showcase our community to both the larger legal and South Asian community here in DC. I’ve been to the Gala each year that I’ve been a member and I’ve been impressed every time. I would be honored to oversee it in 2024.

      I love to bring people together and I have some experience in doing so – both personally and professionally. I’ve planned large community service events; discussion panels and lectures; leadership retreats; public forums; and even a stand-up comedy show (where I may have also been a participant). I previously served on the Board of Trustees for a public university and have held officer positions related to communications and event planning in other organizations. If elected, I plan to work closely with the Board of Directors to create an event that is engaging, fun, and memorable. 

      As an initial step, I would seek board and member input on what they liked about previous iterations, what we might improve, and how we can innovate. I thought the South Asian American Digital Archive was an excellent addition to this year’s Gala and would seek similar opportunities to connect our experience as South Asian lawyers to the larger diaspora.

      Professionally, I’m an Associate at Sidley Austin with a focus on privacy, cybersecurity, and government investigations. I serve in the leadership group of the firm’s Asian Pacific Islander affinity group. I’ve been a member of SABA-DC since I moved here and it’s been a valuable resource to me. I would very much appreciate your support as I now seek to give back to SABA.  

      • Shaina Vinayek

      SABA-DC Dosto!

      My name is Shaina Vinayek, and I am running for Vice President of Gala. Since beginning my career almost 6 years ago, I’ve been an intermittent participant in our small-but-mighty bar as I built my substantive expertise and reputation. This past year I made a commitment and concerted effort to rejoin a community that has always had my back, and I couldn’t be more excited for the future.

      I joined SABA while in law school to find my tribe. A group I could turn to on days when school or work felt more tedious than inspiring, a group that shared my lived experience. In 2016, this group honored me with the SABA-DC Public Interest Fellowship, an award that allowed me to focus on my summer at the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit rather than take on another RA gig.

      Since receiving the fellowship, I’ve wanted to find a way to give back to the community and continue to build our lasting legacy with my unique skill-set. Aside from the expected legal chops, I have a knack for planning large-scale events. In law school, I was the Special Events -Co Chair for the Student Bar Association two years in a row and was responsible for planning several events throughout the year, including two galas. During my MPH, I was also responsible for planning our year end bash. And the most important qualification yet, I planned a big fat Desi wedding without a wedding planner.

      My heart is truly in creating special events for kinfolk to bring us together and uplift the next generation. Vote for me to make next year’s gala the best one yet!


      • Aditya Patel

      As a former officer in SABA during my law school years, I am eager to extend my commitment to the South Asian Bar Association of Washington D.C. (SABA-DC). My recent completion of a four-year tenure on the National Board of Directors of the South Asian fraternity Delta Epsilon Psi marks a pivotal moment to channel my extracurricular energies into enriching SABA-DC. My vision for SABA-DC in the upcoming year is centered around the enhancement of member engagement, diversity, and professional development. I believe that a strong community is built on the pillars of active participation and mutual support. My goal is to help foster an environment where every member feels valued and has ample opportunities for personal and professional growth.

      Throughout my tenure on the National Board of Directors of the South Asian fraternity Delta Epsilon Psi, I have honed my leadership skills, particularly in the areas of strategic planning, team management, and effective communication. These experiences have equipped me with a unique perspective and a set of skills that I am keen to bring to the SABA-DC Board. One of my primary focuses will be on organization, recruitment, and outreach. I am a firm believer in the power of positive energy and a 'can do' attitude, which I intend to utilize representing the multifaceted South Asian legal community. Furthermore, my dedication to SABA-DC is deeply intertwined with my desire to give back to a community that has been integral to my professional path. Having resided in the DC area for over two decades and experienced clerking here, I possess a first-hand understanding of the challenges faced by South Asian legal professionals in this region. I am resolute in my commitment to support measures that directly address these challenges.

      I am also conscious of the importance of collaboration and inclusivity in decision-making. If elected, I promise to work closely with board members and the wider community, valuing each member's input and fostering a culture of open communication and respect. My qualifications, combined with my passion for community service and an understanding of the needs and aspirations of South Asian legal professionals, make me a suitable candidate for the SABA-DC Board. I am excited about the prospect of contributing to our community's growth and am committed to making SABA-DC a more dynamic, inclusive, and influential organization.


      • Amal Rafiq

      Hello SABA-DC! My name is Amal Rafiq and I am applying for a the Treasurer position on the SABA-DC Board of Directors. As the Treasurer of the 2023 Board, I have worked to ensure our programming and and events have been fully funded while we continue to give back to our community financially. If I am elected as the Treasurer for another year, my goals are to fund more of our events through external sponsorship so we can maximize grants through the public interest fellowship program and the racial justice benefit program.

      As the Treasurer, I propose taking a forward-looking approach in identifying any areas of flexibility to help the organization grow and stay on top of changes in the industryI also want to ensure we have the funds we need to execute the Board’s long-term ideas and investments in the organization, while providing additional opportunities for law students to help with their education expenses. 

      I look forward to contributing to pro bono initiatives sponsored by SABA-DC. In practice, I am an associate at Vedder Price P.C. in the employee benefits and executive compensation practice group. In addition to actively building my benefits practice, I have been intimately involved in several pro bono opportunities. Recently, I spearheaded an asylum project that involved preparing and filing multiple asylum applications for female Afghan soldiers who fled Afghanistan after the collapse of the government in August of 2021. This project involved coordinating with over a dozen attorneys to file asylum applications for soldiers and their family members. You can read more about the project at the following link Several of my clients have been granted asylum in the U.S. The leadership and organization skills gained through this experience can be applied to my duties as the Treasurer of SABA-DC and the Public Interest Committee. My focus on providing pro bono work is aligned with the mission of the association in improving access to legal services, specifically among lower socio-economic groups.

      I look forward to the opportunity to utilize my skills and experience as the Treasurer for a second year, to advance the SABA-DC mission, and to explore new ideas with the SABA-DC Board of Directors in 2024. Thank you for your consideration.

      General Directors (9 positions available)

      • Asha Bhatiani Scielzo, Esq.

      Thank you for this opportunity to be considered for the SABA-DC 2024 Board of Directors.

      My skills and experiences with membership development and retention will support SABA-DC’s mission. In my current professional position, I direct American University Washington College of Law’s (AUWCL’s) Health Law and Policy Program. I implement our program’s strategic goals to serve students, alumni, and the broader community.  I am also privileged to serve as the President (2024-2025) of the American Health Law Association (AHLA) (the nation’s largest, 501(c)(3) educational organization devoted to legal issues in the health care field with 11,000+ members). Through these experiences, I have gained insight into membership development strategy and best practices. Also, as the first AHLA President of South Asian descent, I hope to advance our community’s goals and spotlight our fantastic contributions to the health law bar.

      My skills and experiences with developing meaningful and engaging events and programs will support SABA-DC’s mission.  In my day-to-day work at AUWCL, I organize national conferences and symposia, virtual speaker series, and panel events that bring together thought leaders to consider challenging and complex issues such as health inequity, digital health and AI, health care fraud and abuse, and the Covid pandemic.

      SABA-DC is very active in offering terrific educational programming and networking opportunities. SABA members are seeking both substantive content and professional development, as well as activities that are light and fun. One of SABA’s greatest strengths is its strong sense of community and emphasis on inclusion. My experiences planning numerous events for AUWCL and AHLA with the mission of creating an inclusive community through educational and engaging programs will be valuable for SABA-DC.

      My skills and experiences with mentoring and career development will support SABA-DC’s mission.  In transitioning to academia after 15 years of private practice, I have focused my energies on bringing health law practice to the classroom with an emphasis on practical applications. I lead the development of an innovative curriculum and robust career programming to ensure that students graduate practice-ready and connected to opportunities. I am deeply committed to mentoring law students and junior lawyers to support them in finding a path for career success. I especially enjoy my role as a faculty advisor for AUWCL’s South Asian Law Students Association. My experiences with mentoring and career development at AUWCL and AHLA will be valuable for SABA-DC.

      • Kirti Suri

      My name is Kirti Suri and for the past two years I have been serving as the SABA-DC VP of Communications. I would be honored to continue serving on the Board in the General Director capacity in 2024.

      In my current role, I manage our website content and updates, I put together the weekly newsletter, and I create social media posts promoting our events and celebrating our members. I also manage communication with various stakeholders, triaging inquiries of all types, including member questions, employers seeking to advertise job opportunities with our membership, and other organizations seeking to work with SABA-DC on shared events and initiatives. Over the past two years, I have also served on the Women's Committee, the Government Committee, and the Mentorship Committee, and on various sub-committees supporting our annual gala's coordination. In the coming year, I hope to support the incoming VP of Communications as I transition out of that role. My service over the past two years have provided me with valuable experience that will help me further support the organization's needs. 

      I currently work as an Assistant Attorney General with the Office of the Attorney General for the District of Columbia, and formerly worked as Legislative Counsel and Deputy Committee Director in the District's legislature, the D.C. Council. One of my goals in the past two years has been to promote more engagement with local DC government, which I helped do by recruiting local government representatives as panelists to provide the local governance perspective on various topics, including career opportunities and topical policy considerations. I hope to go a step further next year, by increasing SABA-DC's engagement with local government. I hope to see SABA-DC expand its reach to add value, not just for SABA-DC members, but also for our surrounding community.

      Another key area I hope to focus on in the next year is stress and mental health management. These topics are not discussed frequently enough among attorneys or among South Asians more broadly. I want to use my position on the Board to put together events and resources for our members who may be struggling with the challenges of becoming and being an attorney, along with all of the other intense pressures that life inevitably comes with. I think SABA-DC is uniquely positioned to offer our members support that takes into consideration some of the unique cultural and societal expectations, norms, and stigmas they face as South Asian attorneys.

      Thank you for your consideration.

      • Aseem Chipalkatti

      My name is Aseem Chipalkatti, and I hope to serve as one of your General Directors on the SABA-DC 2024 Board of Directors.

      Last year, I was honored to serve you as your Vice-President of Gala. In that role, I pushed our Gala to new heights by picking a new and exciting venue, expanding attendance, and streamlining ticketing. I also facilitated a first-time collaboration with the South Asian American Digital Archive, who curated a museum exhibit about South Asians in the legal profession for our Gala. I also served as Chair of the Junior Lawyers Division and helped facilitate programming and events for young lawyers in that capacity. 

      I now seek to serve you as a General Director. As last year’s Gala Coordinator, I learned a good amount about how to reengage our bar community after three years of virtual/hybrid events, and a shaky return to normalcy. I hope to use those lessons in support of next year’s Gala and Programming Vice Presidents to ensure that we continue not only to engage, but reengage our vibrant and growing South Asian American legal community in Washington D.C.

      I also look forward to working with the future Vice President of Membership to revitalize our relationships with local law schools and colleges. It is important that we grow our bar association’s numbers not only by reaching out to more South Asian lawyers, but also by increasing the pipeline of future South Asian attorneys. I believe that by reaching out to young future lawyers and incorporating them into our events and programming, we enrich not only our current, but also our future experiences.

      I, of course, look forward as well to supporting our new Vice President of Gala, especially given the insights that I have gleaned from having planned it this past year. I also hope to work with them to document best practices and procedures for Gala planning over the course of the year, so that successive VPs of Gala do not need to start from scratch every year.

      I moved to Washington D.C. two years ago with few South Asian connections in the legal field. In the past two years, SABA-DC has given me mentors, friends, and invaluable lessons that have helped me as I build the foundation of my future legal career. That community has been an invaluable part of my career growth and progression as a young lawyer; I would be honored to pay it forward and help push that community forward as a 2024 General Director. Should you have any questions about my plans or qualifications, I would be happy to answer them via email at Thank you for your consideration.

      • Manasi Raveendran

      Hi Fellow SABA-DC Members!

      My name is Manasi Raveendran, and I am running for a General Director position on the 2024 SABA-DC Board of Directors. Since moving to DC two years ago, SABA-DC has been such an important part of my DC community. After serving as a General Director on the SABA-DC Board in 2023, I am thrilled to be considered for a position that would allow me to continue serving the DC-area South Asian legal community.

      As part of my professional and personal life, I have placed importance on giving back to my community and making sure that we create a diverse attorney pipeline. In my role as General Director in 2023, I co-chaired the SABA-DC Public Interest Fellowship (PIF) program. Together, with my co-chair, we worked to review an unprecedented number of applications for the PIF program and awarded seven law students with $20,000 in funding to pursue public interest internships during their 1L and 2L summers. In addition to monetary support, we facilitated mentorship and networking opportunities for these students. In addition, I also co-chaired the Government Section. Together, with my co-chair, we worked to host substantive and networking events for the large group of government lawyers in the DVM area. Lastly, as General Director, I helped contribute to and plan events such as our Summer Kulfi Social, which attracted many new members to SABA-DC.

      If selected to serve as General Director, I would like to capitalize on my previous experiences within SABA-DC and my other professional experiences to coordinate events that focus on in-house lawyers, working as a lawyer abroad, government service, running a pro bono program, joining a non-profit board, and other professional development and community activities. I hope to be able to continue to give back to this important South Asian legal community as a General Director for SABA-DC.

      Thank you for your consideration!



      • Sohil Khurana

      Dear SABA-DC community,

      My name is Sohil Khurana, and I am running for the position of General Director for the 2024 SABA-DC Board of Directors. Currently, I am an Associate Counsel in the United States Senate, where I focus on tax, trade, and housing policy. Prior to my current role, I was a policy advisor at Brownstein Hyatt Farber Schreck, and before that, practiced law at Latham & Watkins.

      As a General Director on the SABA-DC board this year, I have found SABA to be a welcoming and caring community, and have been excited with the progress we have made with several initiatives. During my time on the board, I was co-chair of the Public Interest Fellowship (PIF) program for law students. Our hard work resulted in a two-fold increase in the number of law student applications received as compared to that in years past. I was very excited to see the progress made with the PIF program over the last year, and look forward to enhancing the program even more in the new year. In addition, I served as co-chair of the Government Lawyers Committee and also assisted with a number of additional initiatives focused on junior lawyers, law students, and lawyers looking to transition from the private sector into government. Ultimately, during this past year, I found that our programming was both fun and informative for all types of members. I look forward to facilitating additional programming covering a wide array of topics of interest to the broader South Asian legal community. 

      As a General Director, I would focus on enhancing the number of opportunities hosted and/or sponsored by SABA-DC. The last few years have demonstrated the benefits of virtual programming, particularly in broadening the scope of participants and experts involved in our events. As we emerge from the pandemic, I would plan to continue the balance of in-person and virtual programming so that SABA-DC members can continue to benefit from developing personal connections that are more easily developed in-person, while also taking advantage of the benefits afforded via virtual programming. Examples of programming I would like to further develop are the mentorship program, practice or industry group happy hours and other social activities, as well as partnership opportunities with similarly situated groups in the DMV area.

      Given these experiences and ideas, I believe that I can continue to contribute to the South Asian legal community in the DMV area. My goal will always be to gather member feedback to ensure that we are providing the best possible opportunities in an inclusive and effective manner. 

      Thank you for your time and consideration.

      • Jomy Methipara

      My name is Jomy J. Methipara and I am running for a third term as General Director on the 2024 SABA-DC Board. I have observed that SABA-DC has been very successful since I started actively participating in 2016 and I wish to continue this upward trend.

      I was born and raised in the Chicagoland area and I moved to the DC area to begin my legal practice over ten years ago. My practice is focused on patent law, but I have expanded my practice to include all forms of intellectual property, as well as corporate and securities law, with a personal interest in the start-up/small business world.

      Next year, I hope to continue to network with the South Asian community in order to identify experts to conduct programming for the benefit of all our members. This past year, I co-chaired the IP Committee with Devika Persuad and Anupma Sahey and hosted the Patent Litigation and PTAB panel, among other contributions. It was a very exciting conversation to discuss the interplay and uniqueness of each of the patent litigation venues. I hope to host a metaverse panel and a section 337 panel next year. I wish to continue to solicit more ideas from our members to provide desired programming, as well as happy hours for networking.

      I also wish to actively contribute to the partner’s circle. As a partner myself in a general practice firm, there are challenges to reach partnership, generate business, and other ways to practice as a partner successfully. I’d like to host various roundtable discussions on these issues and create a space for partners to network and support one another.

      I believe my past mentoring experiences will also help me continue to contribute to the SABA-DC community. I have been a mentor with Seedspot, a DC accelerator, to guide entrepreneurs to grow business in a variety of different industries. I have conducted panel discussions at George Washington and Georgetown and various conferences such as ABA and NAPABA. Finally, I have also been a mentor to young attorneys in SABA-DC and AIPLA to help in their professional development. I believe these experiences will help me continue the excellent programing that SABA-DC provides, meet the needs and interests of its membership and contribute in various ways such as relationship building, mentoring, business development and career advancement. Mentoring students and young attorneys is an important role of SABA-DC so that the next generation of professionals are actively contributing in a more effective way for the benefit of the South Asian community at large.

      Thank you for considering my candidacy for General Director of the 2023 SABA-DC Board. If re-elected, I will continue to connect with our membership to find ways to improve our bar and strengthen our community. It was an honor to serve on the 2023 Board and I’m hopeful to continue to work on the 2024 Board!!


      Jomy J. Methipara

      • Shereen Gomez

      Hello, my name is Shereen Gomez and I would welcome an opportunity to be a General Director for SABA-D.C., with the Communications, and Public Interest Committees. 

      I recently moved to DC and would like to make a positive impact in my community by helping the disadvantaged who live in the DMV area. I would seek to find volunteer opportunities for SABA members to contribute their time and talent for worthy causes geared towards children and women. I’d also arrange presentations of interest for members to attend. I’ve previously volunteered for an urban city after school program and also tutored middle school aged children. In my current job,  I also help organize presentations and roundtable discussions. I look forward to the opportunity to serve and contribute as a general director. Thank you for your consideration. 

      • Aliya Manjee

      Dear SABA-DC community,

      My name is Aliya Manjee, and I am interested in serving as a General Director for the South Asian Bar Association in Washington, D.C. Though I have been an attorney in DC for a little over four years, over the past year, I have increased my engagement with SABA and this experience has underscored the invaluable network it provides within our vibrant city and motivated me to run for the Board.

      If selected as a General Director, one of my central objectives is to play an active role in expanding our membership base, ensuring that a more diverse array of individuals feel comfortable participating in the enriching environment that SABA offers. This passion extends beyond recruitment; I am particularly excited about the prospect of contributing to the mentorship program.

      Drawing on my experience as a mentor through my undergraduate institution, I have witnessed firsthand the transformative power of mentorship. My experience has fueled my enthusiasm for professional mentorship development, and I am eager to bring this dedication to SABA.

      Mentorship is a dynamic avenue for personal and professional growth, and I believe it is a cornerstone of a thriving legal community. I envision leveraging my experience to not only enhance the mentorship program within SABA but also to actively promote a culture of support, guidance, and skill development among our members.

      Thank you for your consideration!


      • Dina Mishra

      My name is Dina Mishra and I seek your support for selection as one of SABA-DC’s General Directors.  I have been an active member of SABA-DC, as well as a formal and informal mentor to other SABA-DC members, for several years; and I would enjoy the opportunity to contribute to SABA-DC through its Board.  I have greatly enjoyed attending SABA-DC events and have participated multiple times at SABA-DC’s invitation in panels at the Wone Clerkships and Internships Conference, as well as a panel relating to judicial clerkships at the South Asian Bar Association of North America’s annual conference.  I have served for most of my career in various public service (especially federal government) roles, including as a judicial law clerk at the U.S. Supreme Court and a federal court of appeals, as well as in litigation and counseling roles at three different federal agencies.  I would be particularly interested in helping to expand SABA-DC’s events and programming on topics and networking opportunities relevant to public-sector attorneys.  I would also be interested in potentially helping to expand mentorship and other connections with students at DC-area law schools, who might go on to join SABA-DC as they move into practice.  Having found SABA-DC to be a great source of support and camaraderie at challenging times for the legal profession, I would immensely enjoy the chance to serve the organization and extend its  service of its membership in this role.  Thank you for your consideration, and I would be very grateful for your vote. 


      Our goal is to address the needs and concerns of the South Asian American legal community in Washington, D.C. while providing our members with the knowledge and support necessary to reach their personal and professional goals.

      You can find us here:

      South Asian Bar Association of Washington, D.C.

      P.O. Box 65349
      Washington, D.C. 20035

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