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Pro Bono Opportunities 2022

Client - South Asian female in her mid-40s claiming emotional, financial, and physical abuse by her husband 

Assistance Need - Family law attorney licensed in Maryland (preferably one who will work pro bono)

Deadline - May 13, 2022 to respond to a divorce complaint filed by the client’s husband.  In the complaint, the husband requests that the court grant an absolute (or, in the alternative, a limited) divorce, deny all claims of alimony, order the client's removal from their apartment, and order the client to pay attorney fees and court costs.    

Case Summary - Client and her husband married in April 2017 in Bangladesh, and she came to the United States two years later in May 2019.  They stopped living together in September 2021.  Both individuals have obtained protective orders against the other after each called 911 on separate occasions, these calls resulted in charges having been filed against each, and both are currently on probation. Client claims that her husband has taken and posted nude pictures of her without her consent.  In the divorce notice, the husband claims that the client has abused him emotionally and physically.  In particular, the husband alleges several instances of abuse between May to November 2020, which have led to police involvement, a doctor’s visit to treat his injuries, and assault charges against the client (to which she entered a guilty plea).  He also claims that the client filed a false request for a protective order.  The husband’s protective order against the client expires in October 2022.   According to the client, she has employment authorization and a conditional green card.  Depending on the husband's immigration status, the client may be eligible to file a petition under VAWA, but currently (and imminently) needs assistance with responding to the husband's divorce complaint.  Client will provide more details to the attorney.

If you are interested in this pro bono opportunity, please contact Nina Majjiga ( at Ashiyanaa


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